Easily Manage Multiple Properties

Pre-Defined Property Templates

PretSPACE provides for reservations of revenues yielding resources or PretSPACEs alongwith management of operations for multiple property types from BnB's or Homestays, Guest Houses, Hostels, Hotels and Resorts.

Property Management Companies

PMCs can manage all their properties in a single role based system that enables access based on the role of the user accessing information.

Unified Dashboard

Manage of aspects of Properties from an integrated Dashboard that enables

  • - Property-wise Configuration
  • - Convenient Management
  • - Integrated Reporting
  • - Consolidated Business Performance
  • - Property specific Alerts & Notifications

Property Configuration

Configure each property for ease of Business Operations and Housekeeping.

  • - Facility Services Offered
  • - Utility Metering & Bill Payment Reminders
  • - User Access Management
  • - Discounts & Cash Levels
  • - Promotion Codes

Convenient Payment Collection

Integration with or Without Your Website

Integrate Your Website with us or Manage Your Property with us directly. Operationalize Your Business with or without a Website

No Credit Card Machine Required

Our Technology does not need you to have a credit card / PoS Terminal on the Frontdesk

Supports Online / Offline Payments

Create Payments Received Offline on the System or Receive Payments Directly through the system, where the system does all the work and reconciles the invoices for you.

Money Credited Directly to Bank Account

Start receiving payments directly in your bank account with our integrated payment gateway irrespective of your banking.

Supports VISA / Mastercard Americal Express and International Cards

We support payments via all channels including VISA / Mastercard American Express and International Cards (Both Credit and Debit), Netbanking, eWallets, UPI and Cash on the Counter

QR Based Access to Rooms

  • For Guests

    Allow Guests to get Access to rooms by themselves – with or without a Keytag.

  • For Housekeeping

    Monitor and Record housekeeping Access for Rooms to ensure Hygiene and Security Protocols

Visa Compliances

Visa Rules Configuration

Visa Rules Definition

Country based Configuration for All Foreign Passport Holders who arrive in the Cuuntry with Visa. Configure Document Requirements, Visa Information and Compliances Required, all in one place.

Visa Rules Configuration

Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Monitor Check Ins and Check Outs for Visa Compliances based on the Rules and Information provided. Generate Government Forms with necessary Information. Ready for Integration with Government Portals.

Visa Rules Configuration

Notification of Compliance Deviations

Notify the Owners and Managers on Deviations from the Compliances required. For example, missing KYC On the a Guest from Vietnam would prompt the Front Desk User, Facility Manager and the Propoerty Owner about the deviation.